2010 Yukon Solo Motorcycle Trip

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Day 15 — Chetwynd, BC to Williams Lake, BC

Sunday was a run down Hwy 97 to Williams Lake, where I heard there were more forest fires. I was able to make good time — the road was marked 100kph most of the way and there were few towns along it. Just south of Prince George I started to see and smell smoke.

This is what it looked like just south of Quesnel from Hwy 97. Those hills aren't very far away, either.

A riot of colorful flowers in front of a public building in Quesnel, where I stopped to eat my sandwich and drink my Snapple (made with real sugar, no HFCS). I read about a disturbing bit of history here.

Seems that when the crews heading north to build the original Alaska Highway stopped here, it was just an Indian village. One guy was out on an extended solo hunting trip. The workers gave the Indians smallpox, and everyone in the village died. When the guy later got back from his hunting trip, he found the village empty, and learned that he was the only survivor. Many years later they named the hill across the Fraser River after him.

A little further down the road, looking towards the Frasier river. I thought the sprinkler was a nice touch.

I am definitely a sucker for flowers. But I'm too often leaving the camera in macro mode and losing a good scenery shot later...

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