2010 Yukon Solo Motorcycle Trip

These pages describe a solo motorcycle trip I took in July/August of 2010, from my home just south of Spokane Valley, Washington, USA to Canada's Yukon. I got as far north as about 100 miles below the Arctic Circle (road washed out there) and as far east as the Alaska border (road washed out there too). The plan was for a big loop, returning through Alaska and down the Stewart-Cassiar highway, but it was closed by a forest fire.

Other than the fact that three of the major roads I'd planned were closed when I was there, I had a great trip. Got reaquainted with an old friend, met a couple new ones, and experienced a bunch of new-to-me roads. The bike worked great, and I had a wonderful time. It is, after all, more about the journey than the destination...

This page has maps of my approximate route, links to day-by-day narratives with photos (the underlined dates are links), some numbers about the trip, and some shots that I think might make good screen backgrounds.


My Route North

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My Route Home

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July 18

Spokane Valley, WA to Radium Hot Springs, BC

July 19

Radium Hot Springs, BC to Hinton, AB

July 20

Hinton, BC to Dawson Creek, BC

July 21

Dawson Creek, BC to Ft. Nelson, BC

July 22

Ft. Nelson, BC to Watson Lake, YT

July 23

Watson Lake, YT to Whitehorse, YT

July 24

Whitehorse, YT to Dawson City, YT

July 25

Dawson City, YT to washed out road...

July 26

Dawson City, YT to Alaska

July 27

Dawson City, YT to Whitehorse, YT

July 28

Whitehorse, YT to Watson Lake, YT

July 29

Watson Lake, to Hwy 37 (closed by forest fire)

July 30

Watson Lake, YT to Ft. Nelson, BC

July 31

Ft. Nelson, BC to Chetwynd, BC

August 1

Chetwynd, BC to Williams Lake, BC

August 2

Williams Lake, BC to Kelowna, BC

August 3

Kelowna, BC to Spokane Valley, WA

By the Numbers

A chart of Interesting numbers...

Numbers of things I saw, miles I rode, photos I took and various counts of things I took notice of on my trip.

Big Shots

Desktop and Screen Saver Photos

Click on a thumbnail below to get a really large version of the photo suitable for a desktop background or screen saver. Although I claim a copyright on the photos, I give you permission to use any of these photos for personal use. Just don't publish them, give them away, or try to sell them.

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