Single-track near Wallace, ID

Wallace, ID — August 9th, 2007:

My friend Paul Winslow took me to Wallace, Idaho to ride some single-track trails south of I-90 in the Selkirk mountains. We parked in a gravel lot just off the Moon Pass road, just a mile or two south of town.

My camera failed me (or more likely, I got it set in some weird mode where it wouldn't properly focus) so my shots are crummy. [The small blurry shots are mine, the large sharp ones are Paul's]  Fortunately, Paul's shots are great. Plus he's faster than me, so while he was waiting for me he pulled out his camera. Thanks, Paul!

75% of what we rode was pure single-track, often with the trail less than a foot wide.

That's me, barely visible in the brush, on my new KTM 200.

Early in the ride, we encountered this curious little Moose.
Well, little on the moose scale — still bigger than a large white-tailed deer.

My version of a single-track photo. Gorgeous country, even if it's blurry!


I blame the camera!

Me again, climbing the ridge towards the top of (I think) Bad Tom Mt.

Coming out of the brush at the bottom of the hill, near Slate creek.

Crossing Slate creek.

Single-track on the way to Mastodon Mt.


Still climbing towards the top of Mastodon Mt (5925' according to the GPS).

At the top of Mastodon Mt. — Quite a view, eh?
From here I believe you can see three States: ID, WA and MT.

That's the trail we headed down towards Slate creek.

Crossing Slate creek for the final time. Man, I was whipped!
My forearms were so pumped and sore I could hardly hang onto the bars.
But my luck held, and I never fell or tipped over all day...

Copyright © 2007, by H. Marc Lewis and Paul Winslow. All rights reserved.