Things have changed a lot since I put up the first version of the page in 1995. Today (2015) there are social media sites that do what this page used to do much better than I did it. So you can find stuff about me that used to be here by visiting these pages. Though I warn you, I use Facebook only infrequently, and the others hardly at all:

Family & life...

Wanda is retired, and I'm semi-retired. I do Web development for Silverwood Theme Park (mostly behind the scenes intra-net stuff plus all the online purchase systems). We both love to travel, and plan to do a lot more in the coming years.

I still run a bunch of Websites:,,, and a few others. Currently my tool of choice is an upgraded (w/RAM & SSD) 15" MacBook Pro with three operating systems: OS/X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04, and work mostly in PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. Lately I've been writing new stuff, and rewriting a lot of old stuff, and have become a real fanboy of Responsive Web Design using HTML5 and CSS3 plus several other packages like jQuery, PhoneGap, node.js and others. I have a large number of email addresses, but you can always email me here at this domain, using any name you like. I prefer 'marc'.

I'm a motorcycle junkie, and ride primarily my 2009 BMW F800GS though I'm always dreaming about my next motorcycle — which this year includes the Honda Grom (Wanda could ride it too!),  the sweet little KTM RC390 single-cylinder street bike, and the new 1100cc Indian Scout V-twin even though I'm really not a "cruiser" kinda guy. I can't tell you exactly how many motorcycles I've owned in my life thus far, but I'm pretty sure it's something north of 80...

Other stuff

In 1995 I discovered a family diary which was written in 1882 during a wagon train trip from Kansas to Washington Territory.  If you have any McDowells in your family tree you might want to check it out! I've gotten a fair bit of email from distant relatives as a result of having this diary online, including a message from the woman who now has the original!

Slide Shows & Photo Essays

Okay, okay, maybe I'll get to it this year...
There are a few trips yet to be documented, I'll get to it Real Soon Now™.
I had a stroke and didn't ride, but don't worry. I got better!

» A motorcycle ride to Eagle Lake, California.

» Placing a memorial stone for Ken Morton, along with some of his ashes, near the Black Rock Desert.

» Eagle Lake, CA to La Grande, OR over 2 days and many gravel roads including the Steens Mt. Loop.

» La Grande, OR to Spokane, WA via forest roads in Hell's Canyon.

» A visit to Fly Geyser at the edge of the Black Rock Desert.


» A motorcycle ride to visit one of the Largest trees in North America.

» A long solo motorcycle ride to Canada's Yukon and the Alaska border.

» 5 days to/from Gerlach, NV to hang out with motorcycling friends.


» A trip to southern British Columbia, on my new Aprilia with my friend Phil.

» Another version of The Dirt Gather, an extended weekend of dual-sporting & motorcycle camping.

» A non-motorcycle trip to Bogota, Colombia, with Jennie.

» Lots of Flowers from the Colombia trip.

» The Mongui part of the Colombia trip.


» My 2nd motorcycle trip into Baja, this time via dirtbikes, with two friends.

» A non-motorcycle trip to Washington, D.C. to visit Jennie.


» The 3rd annual Dirt Gather, near Winthrop, WA (a motorcycle camping trip).

» Riding some single-track trails near Wallace, Idaho.


» A trip to Arizona, with photos.

» Riding the Apache Trail, in Arizona.

» Riding the Oregon Outback on dual-sport bikes.

» Riding to Ely, NV for the White Pine Fever rally.

» Documenting the 5-day Spank Rally organized by my friend George Zelenz.


» A motorcycle trip to Yellowknife, NWT, Canada.

» A motorcycle trip to the US MotoGP race, in Monterey, CA.

» A motorcycle trip to Mesa Verde, Colorado.

» A motorcycle trip to the Canyon Country of the southwestern USA.

» Riding Moab's famous Slickrock Trail.


» A trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

» A motorcycle trip to Baja, Mexico.

» A motorcycle trip to Sheepranch, California.

» A trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I'm sure I went somewhere, and took some photos, but maybe I didn't.
I was working pretty hard during this period...

» My first long ride on the FJR1300.


» A motorcycle vacation in the Alps.


» My friend Phil documented our motorcycle ride to Bella Coola, BC.

Misc. stuff

Here's my Grandmother's Welsh Cookie recipe.


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